Our Experts

Our commitment to the local soccer community starts with our staff, and we strive to have the best trained and most knowledgeable staff in the country.

Without our people we would be just another soccer store, and lets face it, nowadays you can get soccer gear in a lot of different places but you don't always get the customer service you want. So where you go and who you deal with is a big deal to us and we want your experience with us to be second to none.  How do we do this, well for starters just because you play soccer that alone doesn't guarantee you a position at our stores, we look for bright, energetic and most importantly people who understand what customer service is all about. We emphasize to all our staff members who we are and how our store came to be, its the heritage we have built in the local soccer scene and its the legacy we want to leave behind. This is why we are devoting a whole page to our staff, so that you know who you are dealing with and now we have put ourselves right out in front of you promising you our best every time you walk into one of our stores.

In weeks to come we will be completing this page with pictures and bios of many of our staff so that you can get to know them and if you ever have a comment, good or bad, let us know because we are committed to being the number one soccer store in the northwest.

Thank you for your continued support since 1975

Walter Schmetzer Jr, Owner